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What we do:

We create visual material for publication, oral presentations and posters. We create or edit graphs and PowerPoint presentations, including posters, talks, handouts and notes, from materials you provide. We advise and assist with preparation for oral thesis defenses. We specialize in medical, scientific, academic, and educational presentations, and are happy to work with non-native English speakers and ESL clients. We guarantee our work to be accurate and timely. The cost of all services is $40 per hour plus any expenses. If you would like an estimate of how much a particular project will cost or how long it will take, please contact us at the email address listed below.


  • Display your data accurately and attractively
  • Create graphs and charts from data you provide
  • Create publication-quality graphs and charts, including formatting based on publisher specifications
  • Create graphs and charts for presentation
  • Help you determine the best type of graph or chart to portray your data for the format you will use
  • Format graphs and charts for publication or insert them into an existing or new presentation
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    PowerPoint Creation

  • Create PowerPoint presentations from text, data, graphics, figures, tables, images, videos, sounds, etc. provided by you
  • Create poster presentations from text, data, graphics, figures, tables, images, etc. provided by you
  • Create graphic representations of data you provide
  • Seek and incorporate media from other sources (this may require extra time or fees)
  • Provide a hard copy of your presentation in the form of slides or overhead transparencies
  • We are happy for you to be involved as much or as little as you like to meet your individual tastes and needs, or we will design and format your presentation ourselves, as you prefer
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    Services for Students Preparing for Their Thesis Defense

  • Advise you during preparation for your oral thesis defense
  • Teach you to effectively display your data graphically
  • Teach you to use PowerPoint to create attractive and appropriate slides
  • Advise you about how to make a memorable presentation
  • Edit and suggest improvements to the slides for your presentation
  • Discuss and practice your oral presentation skills
  • Communicate with you regularly, using video, phone, and email as appropriate
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    Other Services We Provide

  • Edit and suggest or make improvements to your existing presentation
  • Work with ESL clients to ensure good flow and clarity
  • Format your presentation for display on a website
  • Generate notes pages or handouts to accompany your presentation
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    What we don't do:

  • Ghost-write your presentation, notes, and handouts
  • Rates:

    $40 per hour plus expenses if any.
    Special rates may be available if needed for graduate students and nonprofit organizations.
    Expedited service may be available for an additional fee of $10 per hour. Email to inquire about availability.
    Any costs we incur that are directly related to your project will be passed along at cost. Please ask if you have any questions.

    Suggested Additional Resources:

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    Contact information:

    Please contact us if you would like any additional information, including an estimate for your project.
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    email: Becky@DrBeckyPresents.US

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    Ph.D. in Biology in 2000
    Experience making PowerPoint presentations since 1993
    Professor of Biology
    Work at home mom (My Family)
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