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Other Presentation Services

Edit Existing Presentations

If you have a PowerPoint presentation that you have created, we can edit it and either make suggestions for improvement, or make the changes ourselves for your approval (we always save a copy of your original work).
These changes or suggestions will primarily cover the presentation, the design and formatting, editing for clarity and consistancy, animations and transitions. We will not edit the content. If English is not your primary language, let us know and we will pay additional attention to flow, grammar and clarity.
We are happy for you to be involved as much or as little as you like, and to make adjustments until you are completely satisfied with the product.

Standard editing includes:

Technical editing, such as
  • grammar, spelling, punctuation
  • clarity, understandability
  • organization

  • Layout consistency, for example
  • blackground colors & patterns
  • title placement, font choice, size & color
  • text placement, alignment, font choice, size & color
  • object alignment
  • margins
  • line spacing
  • any animation & transitions
  • Format for a Web Site

    We do not design web pages, but will help you put your presentation on a website. You provide the presentation, the purpose of displaying it on the web site, and tell us how you want it to look.
    We will determine or help you determine the best format for your purposes, and provide you with all the necessary files and html code to insert into your web page.

    Generate Notes or Handouts

    Notes are usually for the presenter only, and include pictures of the slides annotated with information you want to be reminded of while giving your presentation.
    Handouts are for the audience, and usually consist of pictures of the slides with or without space for making notes of their own.
    In either case, a variety of sizes and layouts are possible. If you wish to have either notes or handouts made to accompany either an existing presentation or one we are working on with you, let us know. For notes, you need to provide the information. Handouts are usually pretty quick to make, and depending on your audience can make a big difference.
    We can also edit notes and/or handouts for grammar, clarity, and consistency. This may be especially useful if English is not your native language.

    Examples of Our Work

    Note - if you don't already have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, you can download a free version of Acrobat Reader.

    Notes Pages

    Contact information:

    Please contact us if you would like any additional information, including an estimate for your project.
    Please provide information about the format of your presentation (poster vs. slides), the size for a poster and the number of slides and time for slide format, and what services you expect to require.

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